Curious & Tenacious
There is lots of my code on Github:

The Rugby Net

Data-Driven Sports Media
PLATFORM: Web, Mobile Web, SaaS
ROLES: Developer, UI/UX Designer, Project Manager

Player Rating Engine

Cloud-based workflow for large-scale resilient data processing
PLATFORM: Microservices
TECHNOLOGIES: Java, Google App Engine, Datastore, Task Queues, Memcached, Logging, Mapreduce/Pipeline API, Google Cloud Endpoints, NodeJS/Express, ES6, PhantomJS, Winston, Docker/Google Compute Engine

Data Visualization

Using D3.js to win friends and influence people
TECHNOLOGIES: D3.js, Google Cloud Endpoints

Rugby Social Media

In which our hero plays with all the toys
PLATFORM: Web, Mobile Web
TECHNOLOGIES: React, Redux, GraphQL, MongoDB, Meteor, Digital Cloud hosting

Mobile Development

Getting a cool react-native app in the app stores
TECHNOLOGIES: React Native, Redux
About me
Creates great software,
Watches beautiful children grow,
Climbs big rocks,
Dances with pretty girls.


I’ve been a software engineer for 25 years and try to stay out in front of the ever-changing landscape that is development. I appreciate the fluidity of the medium we create in, and take satisfaction from solutions that are insightfully conceived and elegantly executed.

I work with both front-end and back-end development, in a broad variety of technologies. I’m not an expert in everything, but I always learn new things every day.

My current “go-to” development environment is React/Redux for front-end work and various choices on the backend including Google App Engine/Java, NodeJS/Express and GoLang.

Docker and Kubernetes aren’t really optional for large scale projects these days.

I have written much Java and C# over the years.


In addition to development, I also am excellent at architecture, project and program management, and organization/team management.


I live in Portland, Maine, USA with my partner and daughter. In my busy life I try to make time to get out with friends for climbing and dancing tango.

You may find me on various social media outlets,
Email is the best way to reach me.

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Skype: dominic.tracey

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